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    I have OG connected to Openhab and everything works perfect. I get information about the state of everything that happens.
    I also have blynk running, the mobile application and everything I could imagine.
    I am really happy, but some times OG disconnects from the Wi-Fi network and never reconnects.
    I thought there was a problem on the access point and I have changed it but the problem persists in a random way. After reboot cycle, immediately it works again for a random time.

    Is there any way to force a reboot using a ping watchdog or similar?




    You might try my fork of the firmware – I changed several things to make the wifi more resilient.

    If you want to use an external process to reboot it you can always do a get request to


    Where IP represents your device and key is your passcode



    Do you mind if i ask how you integrated OG with openhab? I have been trying for a while now with no success.



    [email protected]


    The issue is now fixed by compiling the firmware with Arudino core 2.3. Also the WiFi reconnection issue is fixed in the upcoming firmware 1.0.7 (will post shortly).



    I have configured opengarage to integrate with OpenHAB using a Mosquitto Broker. I installed this using the options within the Openhabian configuration script.

    Configure Opengarage to use this MQTT broker (in the opengarage options menu)

    Install the MQTT binding in OpenHAB. (see binding details at,

    I use the following garage door item in my items file

    Number Door_Garage_Right_State "Garage (R) is[MAP(]" <garagedoor> (gGarage) {mqtt="<[xxxopenhab:My OpenGarage/OUT/CHANGE:state:default]"}

    and I have a map file to transpose the opendoor outputs to be consistent with the rest of my setup

    I was new to MQTT and found an excellent resource at

    Hope this helps

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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