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    I’ve just pushed out firmware 1.1.0 (user manual and api documents are also updated accordingly). This firmware addresses the following:

    • The issue that ‘options’ page becomes blank at some point. I suspect this has to do with the RAM usage as the options page is the largest in size among all pages. This has been addressed by sending program memory strings directly (instead of loading it to RAM and send it). I am not 100% certain if this completely fixes the issue, but it’s my best guess.
    • Changed the flash profile to 2M (with 1M SPIFFS), as some early versions of OpenGarage has only 2M flash. As a result, flash layout will change and after updating to firmware 1.1.0, the controller will reset to AP mode. So make sure to copy the settings before you update firmware, and you will have to go through WiFi setup steps again after updating.
    • Added a couple of more settings to hopefully improve distance sensor readings. One is ‘Distance Reading Interval’, which defines the time between two distance sensor readings. The default is 500ms and can be suitably increased if excessive sensor noise is observed. I suspect that if the garage is large or ceiling is very all, the ultrasonic waves may have multiple reflections. Increasing the gap between two readings can help reduce the impact of multiple reflections. The second setting is ‘Sensor Timeout Option’: previously if a sensor timeout event is encountered, it caps the reading to the maximum value (450cm). Now this has been changed to ‘Ignore’ — so if a timeout event is encountered, it doesn’t count into valid readings, again, this is done to hopefully reduce the sensor noise in the case of occasional timeout events.
    • Added support for several types of temperature/humidity sensors (AM2320, DHT11, DHT22, DS18B20). All of them can be powered by VCC (3.3V) and GND, and the data pin should go to GPIO5 (G05). AM2320 is a I2C sensor, so it should be connected to SDA (G04) and SCL (G05). Also, some of them may need pull-up resistor (particularly DS18B20).

    To try out firmware 1.1.0, follow the User Manual and download the compiled firmware from the address below. Again, please make sure to copy or write down settings before the update, as it will change the flash layout hence the controller will reset to factory default settings (including WiFi).

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    Hi Ray,

    I’m a new user of the opengarage 🙂 thanks. All is working well.

    I’ve just update firmware to 1.1.0, no reset was done, it reconnect to home wifi. Is it normal ?

    best regards



    If at the homepage you see firmware version 1.1.0, then you are all set. It’s possible that a previous firmware that was uploaded to your device used the same flash layout so it didn’t trigger a factory reset. In any case, if the homepage says 1.1.0 then the firmware has been correctly updated.

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OpenGarage Forums Comments, Suggestions, Requests OG Firmware 1.1.0 Released