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    I’m sure I’m going wrong somewhere so hoping that someone here can help me out.

    I’ve received my new OpenGarage (clear / brown case) running the v1.0.8 firmware which I understand supports magnetic / contact door sensors.

    I’ve spent this afternoon trying to move over from my GogoGate 2 opener to the Open Garage, with the intention of reusing the wired GogoGate 2 sensor.

    Current wired sensor is:
    Max Contact 10W
    Max Switching 100Vdc / 0.5A
    Max Carrying 1.0A
    Output Normally Open
    24#AWG2 wire

    My understanding is that the sensor should be wired to GPIO4 and GND**, however when testing I’ve been unable to see any change in the reported door state on the OpenGarage interface. I’ve tested with both Switch (Low Mount) and Switch (High Mount) selected in the options.

    ** I’m assuming that these are the ones marked GND and GO4 on the bottom LHS of the OpenGarage when held with the power input at the top.

    I suspect I’m missing something obvious – probably using the wrong pins – but I’ve not been able to find any wiring diagrams / pointers online.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction (bearing in mind I have zero electronics experience)?




    My OpenGarage is marked v1.3, however the latest schematic I can find at github is v1.1



    I will check in the new schematic later today, but the differences between different versions are pretty small, mainly layout changes in order to find the best way to mount the distance sensor.

    If GP4 doesn’t work, try GP5 — some of the early ESP modules have swapped GP4 and GP5 (they were labeled wrong on the ESP8266 module), but this was a while back, and I assume yours (since it’s fairly recent) is not affected by this.



    Have a question about adding the sensors. I am still waiting for my opengarage unit, so getting prepared.
    If I wanted to add a sensor to check that the door is closed, is the new firmware already accommodates it? Do I need to write my own modifications of the firmware?
    I want to be sure that the door is closed and maybe fire some triggers if the sensor is open after X number of seconds after the button is pressed – like there was an issue with the door/motor and the door did not close all the way



    I have not personally tried magnetic sensor myself — but I think the firmware correctly handles the sensing part and the automation and notifications should be working just like when using ultrasonic distance sensor.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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OpenGarage Forums Hardware Questions Struggling to get magnetic sensor working with OpenGarage (firmware 1.0.8)