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    I have the garage sensor installed and it worked perfectly for about a month until the weather turned cold. Now the status flaps between open and closed about once per minute or more. The only thing that has changed is the weather. With the car in the garage and the door closed I should read about 125cm. I can watch it jump between about 55 and 125 back and forth with nothing changing below it.

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    Not sure what’s causing it, but I suspect it may be due to multiple reflections of the ultrasonic wave in the room which resulted in the error in distance sensing. It could be affected by temperature. You can submit a support ticket and arrange for a replacement, to see if it makes any difference.



    This same thing is happening to me during the cold weather. Its very odd



    I had this happen mainly for cold weather. It was the PSU that was doing it, its voltage would go up and down and cause the unit to have constantly changing readings.

    The website says any old phone charger will do, but my advice is use nothing less than a good quality 1A unit. Both of mine are rock solid now.



    callifo, great input.

    I purchased an opengarage in October, it started failing with false readings at the end of the month as the weather cooled.
    After some discussion, I sent the opengarage in for testing, they could not replicate the issues, and sent a new unit back.
    The new unit has started to have the same symptoms and I am experiencing colder weather again.

    I just swapped out the usb power brick (oops, it was a knockoff iphone charger) for a 1 Amp one that came with an amazon fire tablet.
    Hopefully that stops the false readings.

    If I don’t follow up in this thread… assume that worked 😉



    Following up…
    After replacing the USB power brick, I still had false readings for one or two nights. Downgraded to 1.0.8 firmware, things seemed stable. Upgraded back to 1.0.9 firmware, still stable. At this point everything is working fine, not 100% sure what part of my rain-dance resolved the false readings.
    Love the product, hopefully it just works from here on out.

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