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    The OpenGarage is awesome! It would be nice to have an option to clear the log every now and then, as it gets too big.
    Maybe a new button <Reset Log>? There seems to be a method called log_reset() that should do it.

    Another thing: I would like to be able to flash a compiled firmware .bin via USB without having to compile everything in Arduino IDE
    (in case the FW gets corrupted and not able to upload over Wifi).
    Can that be done using program avrdude? If yes, then what are the correct parameters?

    Thank you!



    This is in my fork of the firmware if interested, details in the firmware section

    You can burn the firmware with any of the ESP8266 tools, esptool is one example esp8266flasher is another



    Thanks a lot, Jeff! I uploaded your fork and graphics and got it to work!
    Among all the goodies that came with you fork, also clearing the log works great! 🙂
    Next I will try the MQTT option. Cool stuff!
    I really appreciate your kind help!



    No problem – let me know if you run into anything not working correctly or have any other wish list items (Feel free to add into the github issues on my fork)
    I have a few more things in the dev branch – the base seems pretty stable so most of the improvements are making it a bit more automation friendly.



    @lawrence_jeff: thanks for creating the fork and adding additional support like MQTT and graphics — will try these out and integrate them into the master branch. One quick question: do you know if there is a way to flash in the graphics.bin using OTA update? At the moment the firmware only supports OTA update of one single bin, I haven’t quite figured out how to do this for multiple files.

    : generally OTA update is safe: it will verify that the new firmware is downloaded correctly before making the switch. So even if the download crashes it won’t actually switch to the corrupted firmware (ESP has a double buffer in the flash memory space to allow this). In any case, you can always flash in firmware using esp8266flasher, or esptool (this is what Arduino uses internally).




    Take a look at the dev branch of my fork – the readme has the changes. Its pretty stable but I was going to finish testing those things for a few days and then pull to my Master. It has a number of other improvements over what I posted (listed as updates in the readme)
    Getting the graphics in flash is the one challenge right now, I could get them into header files but couldn’t get the webserver send from progmem function to work. Another option was to allow upload to flash using the example in fsbrowser – it would allow users to customize their icons. I can keep looking at this.

    Anyway – dev branch is much improved so look at that. If you want to spin up a branch in your repro happy to collaborate by making pull requests and letting you review. Its your baby so would definitely want to let you have the oversight onto what would be a good addition or not (which could be discussed in pull comments). On that note you will notice in my dev branch there is an option dropdown to allow one of the free GPIO to monitor a second garage door – would be interested in your thoughts (fine if offline @ lawrence_jeff@h* of supporting at least API based status request of a second door.. maybe that would allow minimal functionality but still provide a value statement of purchasing 2 devices in that scenario.

    Anyway thanks again for your great work with this.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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