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    We are getting ready to release OpenGarage firmware 1.1.2. Currently it’s in the dev-1.1.2 branch of the OpenGarage github:

    This firmware mainly addresses a number of issues and pull requests from the github repository. Here is a list of changes:
    – update ESP8266 core library to the latest version 2.7.4; update MQTT library to the latest version 2.8 to support authentication.
    – fix buzzer issue with core 2.7.4
    – a number of new options have been added, as detailed below:
    – new option to allow using both the built-in distance sensor and external switch sensor (optional), and logic to choose which sensor(s) determine the door status
    – new options for MQTT: including support for MQTT user name / password, customizing MQTT port, and topic; fix issue that requires MQTT server url to be more than 8 chars long
    – added /OUT/JSON topic that publishes more controller data to MQTT (such as distance value, switch sensor value, temperature/humidity values if such sensor is installed)
    – new options for customizing NTP server, Host name.
    – new sensor filtering method to provide alternative noise handling method
    – sends temperature/humidity values (if such sensor is installed) to Blynk (through virtual pins V6 and V7); the Blynk app has been updated to record these values in histogram.
    – fixed issues such as device key not uri encoded
    – updated user manual and API document to match firmware 1.1.2. Please check them out at:

    If you are upgrading from firmware 1.1.1, the settings should be preserved over firmware update; if you are updating from earlier firmware, the settings may be lost (and the controller will recover to WiFi AP mode) because the flash memory layout from earlier firmwares may be different from firmware 1.1.2. In any case, it would be a good idea to take screenshots of your settings before updating firmware.

    Again, the documents for firmware 1.1.2 are in the dev-1.1.2 branch:

    Please feel free to leave comments / suggestions / bug reports here. Thanks!



    Are there any plans for Google Home integration so we can open/close/check status of garage through GH?



    Updated both of my units to this firmware and no obvious issues with it.



    Working great! Installed a magnetic door sensor today and upgraded to this build so I can now use both sensors independently. So far, so good!



    any plans for SSL option for the management of the device?



    Today I updated to firmware v1.1.2 mostly because I wanted MQTT username/password. The update was successful.

    I noted after reboot that under Options/Advanced that the Host Name: field was not retained and was replaced with OG_XXXXXX where formerly I had it as simply og. I reset this to og and rebooted and it appears to take affect.

    I noticed however that when the device connects to my MQTT server, it is still using the OG_XXXXXX as clientID rather than the Host Name I specified whereas before this update, the clientID was my previously specified Host Name. Bug?



    Is 1.1.2 still available, the link is broken?



    Firmware 1.1.2 is officially released, so the beta link is no longer available.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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