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    Just a follow up. It seems in version 1.1.0 there has been a change to the way that the data is sent to blynk. This has only affected me because I have a few modifications and additional features that I have added in to blynk.

    Instead of ….Blynk.virtualWrite(BLYNK_PIN_DIST, distance);
    We have……..if(distance != old_distance) { Blynk.virtualWrite(BLYNK_PIN_DIST, distance); old_distance = distance; }

    So it looks like we are now only sending updated data to blynk if the value changes. Which means that there is gaps in data being reported to blynk if the value doesnt change. I guess that means that typically less repeat data is being sent to blynk. That would be fine with the default settings, where blynk is configured to just join missing data points. But with my settings, I dont want to connect missing data points.

    So I guess I have to either stick with the default blynk settings or modify the program to get opengarage to constantly send data again.

    My modifications are to have the counter back in blynk as well as showing the car status.



    Just a follow up. I think I can just tinker with the blynk settings to get the output Im after. Or failing that I know now what part of the code I need to modify if I do want continuous readings. So there is no issue with 1.1.10, just messed with my custom setup a bit.

    I also connected up a DHT22 sensor and confirmed thats working now too. I added another couple of lines of code to send the temp and humidity to blynk and that seems to be working well now too. Very happy to have been able to add the temp/humidity option. Thank you for adding that option for us.



    Sorry to keep replying. But I am still having problems with opengarage 1.1.0 on iOS with blynk and the chart.

    The door status graph stops working after a few hours and the IP address also drops out from the LCD display after a few hours. I also graph the car status and that drops out after a few hours too.

    I can see in the new code that the data is only being sent when it changes and Im thinking it might have something with blynk not pulling the data after a period of time. Like if the IP address hasnt been received after 6 hours, blynk seems to stop showing it. Anyone else??



    Since you said you have the LCD widget, I assume you still have the older blynk project while in the new blynk QR code we have removed the LCD display because it’s not that useful and there is now an audible way to find out the IP address instead of having to rely on the LCD widget. Make sure you have the latest blynk project (QR code is in the user manual:

    The changes in 1.1.0 are indeed to reduce the web traffic to blynk, so that it only needs to send data when they change. In fact there was originally plan to use blynk more deeply for cloud connection (i.e. sending all status data to blynk server), and in the process of doing that, we want to reduce the amount of data to send to blynk server. But shortly before 1.1.0 was released we dropped this plan so it’s not sending all status data to blynk yet, but the changes to reduce web traffic has been preserved.



    I have updated my FW to 1.1.0. I was getting the issue where the options screen would not load. The update seems to have resolved the issue.
    I also added a DHT22 sensor which is working well.
    Thanks for the update and new features.



    I started logging the new sensor values from the DHT22, it’s looking quite good.
    I have not used the sensor before and noticed that it returns some obviously erroneous errors from time to time. I didn’t add the pull up resistor as I believe the DHT22 does not need it, could that be the cause?

    Could a filter algorithm be added to remove the odd spike?

    I updated the Home Assistant OpenGarrage integration to graph the data. Image attached.

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    Hi Trillian, how did you bring the temperature and humidity values through to Home Assistant? Does the default platform have the capability? I have the DHT22 working on the OG web server but want to show these in HA. Cheers

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