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    I’m having an issue where every few days, my OG device webpage stops responding (power cycling brings it back)

    It seems that I am still getting MQTT updates though and the log of door openings/closing keeps getting updated.

    While trying to debug this, I noticed the LEDs flashing on my OG and can’t remember “did it used to do that?”

    I can’t seem to find in any documentation a definition of what the LEDs should be doing.

    I get a steady blue LED for a few seconds then it quickly goes off while the green flashes on for < 1 sec, then the blue goes on again and the green off. This repeats indefinitely. with the blue on for a few seconds then the green on for < 1 sec.

    Looking at the code, I think the Blue LED is PIN_LED which the OG uses to flash info, while the Green LED is PIN_BUTTON so OG should never flash that.

    Am I reading that correct?


    FW ver 1.08 (waiting to fix this issue before updating to 1.09)



    When the controller is in AP mode, the LED flashes very rapidly (2-4Hz). When it’s trying to connect but not connected yet, it flashes more slowly (0.5 to 1Hz). If it has connected to a WiFi before and lost connection, it will try to re-establish connection, so if you see a slow flashing pattern, it means it lost connection and is trying to re-connect. It could be due to WiFi signal strength is weak.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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