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    Tom S.

    I have just received my openGarage and am testing it inside before I mount it in the garage. Hooked it up with the Blynk auth code successfully.

    local network browser access works great, reports status correctly, button honors my click time setting, all is good.
    blynk iOS app works great, reports status correctly, button is very responsive, all is good.

    iOS app, though, at the bottom has red disconnected circle, red closed circle (big button says open). The garage door is right now OPEN though. And regardless of me opening or closing the garage (putting cardboard to block sensor), it stays like this. The odd thing though is that the big button (“Open” right now, even though that is the wrong word for its current state) works just fine when I am on my local network and even when I am off it on the internet.

    So the app is not showing what’s what, somehow thinks it is disconnected but still works. But it is not helpful to me if it is not reporting the current state correctly.

    I have upgraded the OG to firmware 1.0.8
    I have deleted the app from my iPhone and reinstalled
    I have removed the controller from the app and added it back in.

    One other thing about the iOS app triggering the relay – despite my having the “click time” set to 375 ms, the app (whether on the local network or internet) triggers relay for 1000 ms (or so it seems) – definitely not 375.

    Any ideas what is going on?


    Tom S.

    Minor edit: after turning on “Sync with”, I got a dialog about merging and I chose to replace local with cloud. That corrected the current state, but still reports disconnected, and when I change the state of the door, the app is not updating. button in the app still works though.

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    Do you have wifi that have multiple streams from same ssid ? I have seen this issue from apple airport extreme since it generate multiple streams with extended network. BTW other extended network devices do the same..
    Issue is you may have 5ghz and 2 ghz streams generating from your wifi router and the device you may (iPhone) use may be 5 ghz and for some reason open garage iOS app only work with if you are in the same stream as your principal (iPhone or laptop etc..).. Very poor way to design a app..


    Tom S.

    Sadly, no I don’t have multiple streams from my ssid/wifi, pretty simple setup here. Blynk and the OG are definitely communicating – I can trigger from blynk no problem, whether on my wireless network or via the internet, seems odd that the iOS app is having issues (via internet or wireless network).

    FWIW I have reflashed firmware down to 1.07 (no change), and back to 1.08 (no change), reset OG twice.




    Sorry for the delay in replying here and also for the issue that’s been frustrating so many. The good news is it’s finally fixed and the update is available in the app store now. Look for version 2.1.4. Let me know if you have any further issues.

    Thank you!


    Tom S.

    Thank you Samer – seems to be working now!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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