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    Hi Everyone,

    Just received the OpenGarrage unit and was able to perform it’s basic configuration via device’s URL.

    I am very keen to use the Blynk app and was wondering if someone could kindly post a basic ‘step by step user guide’ on how to configure the Blynk app to control the OpenGarrage unit.
    I have installed the Blynk app app onto my android device as per the instructions for the OpenGarrage however being totally new to the Blynk app, l am haven’t a clue on how to get it work with the OpenGarrge unit.

    What l am looking to do is simply open and close the Garrage door while l am at work or away from home along with receiving notifications when the door is open. If there is alternative way to do this using another (better and simpler) application, l would be very keen to hear your feedback.

    Thanks in advance



    Here is the quick tutorial:
    1. Install Blynk app on your phone (find Blynk in your app store and install it).
    2. Run Blynk app, in Blynk can find a QR code scan button, click it and then scan the QR code that’s in the user manual:
    3. Once the project is scanned, go to the Project Settings, copy or email the Blynk token to yourself. This is the token you need to put into the webpage Settings.
    4. Restart OpenGarage and it should now communicate with Blynk. Make sure the Blynk project is running (in the project there is a triangle-shaped Run button).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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