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    I posted this issue under the new native app post, but I thought it might get better visibility as a standalone topic…

    I’m hoping someone can explain how this is possible:
    Ever since I installed the OG earlier this week, I have rarely been able to access it with the local web interface. I almost always get “site can’t be reached” or “server stopped responding”, depending on the browser used. However, I can almost always get to it and control it via Blynk. And this makes no sense to me – if I can’t communicate with it when I’m on the same network, then how can Blynk get to it? Blynk still has to go thru my network. I just don’t understand what’s happening. And yes, I’m using the correct IP address (I reserved it in my router so it won’t change). And sometimes that same IP address will successfully take me to OG’s web page. As a matter of fact, the day of installation it worked so consistently that I was able to create home screen shortcuts on my phone for one-touch opening & closing, e.g., – worked great while it lasted! 🙁

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.



    Hi, I am not sure how this is possible either. One explanation about why Blynk works is that when you access Blynk you are accessing the Blynk server which is always alive. OG may be experiencing network connectivity issues but as long as it communicates with the Blynk server once in a while to update its status, the Blynk server thinks it’s online. How far is OG away from your router? I am wondering if the issue could be due to poor WiFi signal reception. Also, in addition to the home router, do you run a secondary router or range extender? Knowing the network setup can help identify potential causes of the poor connection.



    I had the same thought – weak wifi – as soon as the local control became hit or miss. But I dropped that theory once I saw how reliable Blynk was. Your suggestion seems reasonable, tho. I’ll have to get an extender to test it and I’ll let you know the results. Thanks. Btw, the distance from router is only about 40 feet, but there are 2 walls and a floor in the path…and no secondary router or extender at the moment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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