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Thanks for your reply, Ray. OG is working fine. It keeps going offline in spite of being within 12 feet of my AP. I suspect the problem to be with the connection to Blynk. It may be a timing issue between my phone and wherever the Blynk Cloud lives. I am not a fan of Blynk. It is far to easy to get into trouble with this app.

If the Blynk developers could make Blynk write its own app via a compile option that would then remain stable, it would remove a lot of uncertainties. My wife (and many others, I suspect) just needs an app with one big button marked “Garage Door” and a banner underneath in Green saying “Closed” and in red saying “Open”. She is confused by all the other extraneous information and the tiny button and the lack of color when closed. Me, I love it. I did the export to a csv file. Banged it into Excel. Lots of fun.

Can;t you get Samer Albahra to write a simple app for OG with access like OpenSprinkler has? That would be much easier for many people I feel.

Thanks again for your help. I am loving OG. Really.