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If you’re like me, you’ve purchased the black box rather than the clear box early on. I was never able to get OTA working with it and had to update by USB. I had the same complaint as you that I had to get the ladder out just to update.

On another note, I’ve been having Blynk issues with this firmware where I sometimes receive Blynk notifications indicating that my garage is open or has been open for an extended period of time. If you view the logs, the last log will still show it’s closed. So there may be an issue with the logic in determining whether the door is actually open.

I also have the older black box. I’ve been having having similar issues with 1.0.7. I will get random Blynk notifications telling me my garage door is closed even tho it hasn’t been opened. Looking at the CVS data, it seems the sensor distance goes from ~122cm to about 50cm momentarily then back to ~122cm.
I’ve since flashed back to 1.0.6 and problem has gone away, and the CVS data indicates a steady ~122cm, give or take.