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I may be seeing the same issue – my OG refuses to connect to my network – In my case I have a pair of Meraki WiFi basestations with a Cisco router doing the DHCP. It seems the ESP8266 has issues with Cisco DHCP servers. It connects very occasionally and gets a valid DHCP response, but usually not.

If I fire up a generic Billion router and use its WiFi, it connects every time, but this doesn’t help with my network.

I’ve tried 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 firmware, with no real difference

I tried making a standalone SSID that was only on one of the APs, in case it was an issue with it trying to connect to the furthest-away AP, but that didn’t really help.

Interestingly, I also could not flash the firmware using the method described in the FAQ – it would not go into boot loader mode.

So – do I have a faulty OG, or is this just the way it is?