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Take a look at the dev branch of my fork – the readme has the changes. Its pretty stable but I was going to finish testing those things for a few days and then pull to my Master. It has a number of other improvements over what I posted (listed as updates in the readme)
Getting the graphics in flash is the one challenge right now, I could get them into header files but couldn’t get the webserver send from progmem function to work. Another option was to allow upload to flash using the example in fsbrowser – it would allow users to customize their icons. I can keep looking at this.

Anyway – dev branch is much improved so look at that. If you want to spin up a branch in your repro happy to collaborate by making pull requests and letting you review. Its your baby so would definitely want to let you have the oversight onto what would be a good addition or not (which could be discussed in pull comments). On that note you will notice in my dev branch there is an option dropdown to allow one of the free GPIO to monitor a second garage door – would be interested in your thoughts (fine if offline @ lawrence_jeff@h* of supporting at least API based status request of a second door.. maybe that would allow minimal functionality but still provide a value statement of purchasing 2 devices in that scenario.

Anyway thanks again for your great work with this.