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I’ve responded to your through support ticket. Here is what I said:

There are a few things to check:
1. Does your garage door system have an antenna or a ‘Program’ or ‘Learn’ button? If so, what’s the color of the antenna or button? Systems that have a yellow antenna or learn button needs to use a Security+ 2.0 adapter, because of the crypto chip that’s built-in to these systems.

2. Do a simple test to short test on the BWC terminal: specifically, keep the wires in the BWC terminals, and at the other end of the two wires, short them for a second or two. This should trigger the garage door to open or close (except Security+ 2.0 systems, as explained above). If this works, then the problem is likely to be the orange terminal block on OpenGarage, which may have a connection issue. If the short test doesn’t work, that means your garage door system has built-in crypto, and an adapter will be needed for OpenGarage to interface with it.