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Apologies for the delay in replying to this thread. As you might be aware I am undergoing my residency in Pathology and currently preparing for my board examinations.

With that said, Blynk had a change in their API which required a change in the call the app is making to query the Blynk API for the status of the device. This causes the app not to update correctly. This has already been fixed and pending a push to the app store.

The main reason the above mentioned fix hasn’t been pushed is due to the Apple Watch issues. I have been working on the watch issues in an effort to update the app and maintain the watch support. After reading your post however I am thinking I should push a release ASAP even if it strips the watch support. Ideally, watch support would return after more time and research goes into resolving the watch issues aforementioned.

If you agree cutting watch support in favor of resolving the current app issues, I am able to push an update this weekend.

Thank you for your understanding,