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I am afraid, Blync app is always off line and does not see my local ip, even though I can get to the controller via the browser ..

Any idea how to get Blync back to recognise the controller..

I got this fixed,
Seen photos at firmware forum and tks for this since it would have been helpful if we had this settings photos at the begining.

Even after photo settings done, Blync would not sync to wifi but after reboot it worked fine..
Never had the lcd from the day one and now I have this and nice to see the IP address with out scanning my home network via the scanner..

Either way, I am getting sick of this Blync app and hope OG release the app with cloud backup and happy to pay for the people who design the board in the first place rather than getting scammed by Blync that has a elaborate scam to get their revenue top up when things goes off line.

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