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We are just made aware of the fact that Blynk legacy app has removed new user registration, and we are working on transitioning to use our own cloud server. Here are some temporary work-arounds and notes:

0. Those who already have an account with Blynk legacy app are not affected at the moment.

1. Any new OpenGarage users: if you are using Android phones — the Blynk legacy app still allows you to log in using a facebook account; if you are using iOS: unfortunately this is not an option any more.

2. We do have a 2.0 beta version of our OpenGarage firmware that adopts our own cloud server, and it has been out for a while:

OpenThings Cloud (OTC) Beta Test Call for Help

Samer has been working to integrate this into the OpenGarage app, and once this is done, there is no longer need to use Blynk app. At the moment, remote access can be done through the web access described in the post. As soon as we finish the app integration, remote access can also be done through the app.

3. We will also be running a private Blynk server on our own cloud server as a backup plan. The Blynk legacy app still allows accessing using a private Blynk server (although the Blynk legacy app itself is probably on the way out so they may pull the plug completely at any time). This is only being prepared as a backup plan in case OpenGarage 2.0 has any major problems.