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I did more tests, including resetting the board.
I tried having the board on standard http port 80, and a different one (my preference).
Blynk port always set to default 80.

My finding: blynk works all the time, from local network and from outside.
Mobile app works only from local network. The moment I turn off wifi in my phone it stops working.
I tried to set play with various OG Mobile app as connection type:

“local only”, obviously works only from local lan, and it does.
“local + cloud”, works from local lan, but not from outside. No particular error messages.
“cloud only” gives an error message: invalid blynk token. But this cannot be, as blynk app works always fine, and OG mobile app actually shows me the very same token that I can see from the web page and that makes blynk work correctly.

Could it be that my particular token begins with a ‘-‘ (minus) character, and the app for some reason does not digest it?
And/or, how do I generate a new token? I could not figure it out.

Please assist, thanks!