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Ok, so I fixed the Blynk App, OG just needed a reboot after setting the Auth Code.

Back to my OpenGarage App Questions.
In OpenGarage mobile app, is 1 Controller configuration sufficient for controlling the door both locally on the wifi network and when remote? Or do you need two Controller configs, one for internal and one for external access? If the answer is just 1 config, do you just use the Blynk app when remote?
Are any of you able to actually edit the Controller settings in the OpenGarage mobile app? If I’m in the Manage Controller screen and click Edit, the 3 bars on the right appear but nothing happens when I click it. Is this what others experience? Or is that supposed to open a actual config page?
Do you choose the Sync with What is that supposed to accomplish because as far as I can tell, my account has no data on my OG device so what is the point?