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Since you said you have the LCD widget, I assume you still have the older blynk project while in the new blynk QR code we have removed the LCD display because it’s not that useful and there is now an audible way to find out the IP address instead of having to rely on the LCD widget. Make sure you have the latest blynk project (QR code is in the user manual:

The changes in 1.1.0 are indeed to reduce the web traffic to blynk, so that it only needs to send data when they change. In fact there was originally plan to use blynk more deeply for cloud connection (i.e. sending all status data to blynk server), and in the process of doing that, we want to reduce the amount of data to send to blynk server. But shortly before 1.1.0 was released we dropped this plan so it’s not sending all status data to blynk yet, but the changes to reduce web traffic has been preserved.