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Just a follow up. It seems in version 1.1.0 there has been a change to the way that the data is sent to blynk. This has only affected me because I have a few modifications and additional features that I have added in to blynk.

Instead of ….Blynk.virtualWrite(BLYNK_PIN_DIST, distance);
We have……..if(distance != old_distance) { Blynk.virtualWrite(BLYNK_PIN_DIST, distance); old_distance = distance; }

So it looks like we are now only sending updated data to blynk if the value changes. Which means that there is gaps in data being reported to blynk if the value doesnt change. I guess that means that typically less repeat data is being sent to blynk. That would be fine with the default settings, where blynk is configured to just join missing data points. But with my settings, I dont want to connect missing data points.

So I guess I have to either stick with the default blynk settings or modify the program to get opengarage to constantly send data again.

My modifications are to have the counter back in blynk as well as showing the car status.