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I have had blynk issues since upgrading to 1.1.0.

In the superchart I was monitoring door status (V0), car status (based on V3) and distance (V3).

I have ‘connect missing data points’ setting turned off for each. On my previous firmware version I got a great graph that showed the distance reading as well as the door status (open or closed) and vehicle status (home or out).

Now I have intermittent gaps in the data. The LCD widget is blank. The distance reading on the graph is blank when the garage door is open. And while the door status LED works, the door status graph doesnt.

I tried to load the firmware via arduino via USB cable but I got ‘espcomm_sync failed’ messages. Is that normal? I thought I would be able to upload via USB if the OTA update didnt work. (update: Need to hold down the reset button while plugging in the USB cable to allow firmware upload via arduino)

Ill try downgrading my firmware to see if that resolves some of the issues. It kept all of my settings when moving to version 1.1.0, which makes me think it hasnt cleared the old settings properly. The homepage shows that it does have the new firmware version.

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