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I just wanted to add my thanks for this thread. I couldn’t connect to WiFi after the 1.08 update, but had been trying to re-connect to a Meraki AP with a Meraki MX supplying DHCP. I switched to a different AP with built in DHCP and connected first time.


I had an issue with my physical installation (the cable came loose, and the movement of the door eventually pulled one leg from the spring clips on my transparent OG model). I soldered the wires to the spring terminals which had broken when I tried to reset the wires, and decided to flash 1.08 while I was working on the unit.

I’d been careful with the soldering iron but was worried that I’d damaged something in the process. I couldn’t see how, as the unit booted and could see the various SSIDs I have.

Both my Meraki MX and Windows Server DHCP servers supply some additional options (like my timezone / DST parameters) whereas the AP I did connect to just hands out address / mask and gateway. When I get a chance, I’ll see if I can connect to the Meraki with a more vanilla DHCP behind it, but at least this is a +1 for the DHCP client being less robust in the 1.08 / core 2.30 build.