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One thing to check would be the power supply. Just went through this myself and even on 1.08 the unit would constantly alternate between car in garage and car not in garage (when the car was not in the garage).

Distance sensor would jump between 2M and 0.9M. I couldn’t adjust the tolerances, as when the car was when the car was in the garage it would normally report 1.2M (car is actually 1.5M away). I plotted it over a day without the car in there and it looked like a rainbow, car in and out every minute or so. Did notice on the plot however the colder the temperature got, the worse the problem became. At times it would almost be convinced the car was in the garage all day when it wasn’t.

The manual suggests any powersupply capable of 500ma should suffice, but I ended up needing to use a 1A unit, which has completely solved the issued. Its pretty much 100% rock solid and reads the correct distance each time. Not really sure if this is a USB PSU voltage issue or the charger unable to supply enough current, or the opengarage unit occasionally drawing more than 500ma.

Interestingly enough, the 1A USB PSU also fixed the distance reading when the car was in the garage, previously reading 1.2M but it now reads much closer to the correct distance (1.5M).