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Hi @Gompka,

Firstly thanks for providing the above instructions. I’ve tried to follow them, however I’m not entirely sure what the overall result is once everything has been done.

I’ve been running open garage with a NodeMCU for the last month or so with no issues, and simply not done anything with the connected DHT22 yet.

How exactly do you read the temp/hum once everything is done? I thought perhaps something would show in the in-built web frontend, or maybe I should set something up with blynk, or even if you use MQTT it may broadcast there.

So – what exactly should I expect?

I think your post possibly used to have screenshots but now these aren’t there, so it’s been a struggle to follow 🙂

Perhaps you could do a fork of and uploading the sensor changes there? 🙂

Regardless, this is what I have configured:




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