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Thanks for the app! I like how it gets right to the point with the big Open button. 🙂

I do have some questions/issues/suggestions, though. I came to this forum because ever since I installed the OG earlier this week, I have rarely been able to access it with the local web interface. I almost always get “site can’t be reached” or “server stopped responding”, depending on the browser used. However, I can almost always get to it and control it via Blynk. And this makes no sense to me – if I can’t communicate with it when I’m on the same network, then how can Blynk get to it? Blynk still has to go thru my network. I just don’t understand what’s happening. And yes, I’m using the correct IP address (I reserved it in my router so it won’t change). And *sometimes* that same IP address will successfully take me to OG’s web page. As a matter of fact, the day of installation it worked so consistently that I was able to create home screen shortcuts on my phone for one-touch opening & closing, e.g., – worked great while it lasted! 🙁

Now, what does this have to do with your app? Well, your app also wouldn’t connect via IP address, but it had no problem with Blynk when I entered the auth token. So, whatever the local control problem is, I’m sure it’s common to both your app and the browser interface. Any ideas?

As for the operation of your app once I got it sync’d with Blynk, it opened and closed my door just fine, but I was expecting the “closed” red circle to change when the door opened, but it remained red regardless of door status. And similarly, I thought the Open button label would change to Close when the door was opened. Is this not how you coded it? Or are these issues related to my local control problem? And on a side note, assuming I’m seeing the correct, intended operation, shouldn’t the closed status be green & open status red?

Again, thanks for making this available, and I’m hoping you can shed some light on the issues I’m having.