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@vrbt150 You are correct it doesn’t currently handle this scenario very well, you should have at least 5 seconds due to the beep warning, you could bump this setting to 10 and it would give you at least 11 seconds to pull in (under the rare chance you show up 1 second before the auto shut time) but its not very adaptive

It handles the similar one that you show up at 21:01 and open the door – it is smart enough not to close it but not if you get there right before and the time triggers. . I wonder if it should instead of cancelling the auto close it should just slide it 5 minutes past the last open time… that way it doesn’t get accidentally left open in the case you arrived later than you thought and still expected it to auto close.

The update to the code wouldn’t take much from memory – Since you are programatically inclined can you file a bug in the Github on this (or submit a pull if really motivated)

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