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I made some more changes today. Instead of (or perhaps alongside) polling the OG for state I put logic in the device handler to refresh state before it blindly performs an open or close. If the door is found to be out of synchronization it updates the status and then decides whether or not the button should be pressed.

I have implemented a way to poll the OG to synchronize its state as well but I don’t know if it’s best practice so I’m checking around before I push that change.

I’m also considering implementing switch functionality so that an OG can be shared to Google Home through the SmartThings integration. It would be weird to use because you would be saying something like… “Hey, Google… turn on the garage door”. I tried creating an OOB automation with the OG’s device handler in it but for security reasons any routines with doors in them won’t share through the integration. I haven’t attempted the switch hack yet. There might be other weird restrictions that prevent it.