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@chalina: because we recommend using the Blynk app for remote access, we don’t actually recommend setting port forwarding for OpenGarage. You may have seen such instructions in our Tutorial on how to set OpenGarage to work with Amazon Echo or Google Home. Now that Blynk also supports HTTP API:
there is no need to use port forwarding anymore — you can use Blynk’s HTTP API for remote access even with Amazon Echo and Google Home, where the secret key is the Blynk token.

Regarding Log and setting Options: without port forwarding, these are currently only supported when you are on your home WiFi. The reason is that options and log data are considerable amount of data and should not be sent to the cloud server. The good thing is that options generally don’t need to be changed frequently. Also, if you use IFTTT or MQTT notifications, the notification history is essentially the same as the Log data, so that’s an alternative way to keep log.