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Thanks for sanity check. 🙂

My assortment of resistors are at work. All I have today are a few led current limiting and putting them in series was not enough. I will test it, which I am sure it will work, when I can get access to them, maybe Monday.

My first thought was maybe the pin mode could not switch fast enough. I tested some delays, still did not work.

Switching thoughts for a second. I been digging through your code trying to get my bearings. Also I read the post on mqtt.
I like the direction with the drop down box, switching function of the input pin.
Looking at MCP23017 16-Bit-I-O-Expander-with-I2C

I have two different train of thoughts. 1 is like above select a combinations of sensors or level of configurations.

Level of Configuration
What about 2 Categories of drop down boxes.
1. Hardware OG/NodeMCU without expander,NodeMCU with expander
2. List of supported Sensors and what pin they are on.
The pseudo logic would be for example Hardware OG, All the second group will be hidden and would expect the OG hardware. The NodeMCU* would expect custom hardware. This still does not keep someone from hacking the OG hardware, but by definition it would be custom at that point.

What do you think about having a discussion over skype or facetime? I like to keep all the discussion public, but some of what i am calling discussion details are really tedious for here. I just want to help ever how you think it should go.
If you are interested PM me.