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I have not figured this sites markdown and style conventions yet, so I just guessing.

    Are you powering the sensor with 5v or 3.3?


    My code uses the 3 wire mode as in the URL you sited

Ok, let me make another run at it. My code is on my mac at home. Just to be clear, I am using the read distance and read distance once functions from the OG class. I am passing the same pin number for the Trigger and Echo. Let me do some work and I will post the code and pictures of my breadboard if I can’t get it to work.

BTW, I sent you a couple of pull requests that fixes ap_home and compiled the html2esp code for macbook.
I hope to have some time to spend on it tonight. Today is an exciting day. Leaving work early to get my house connected to fiber. Maybe hard to believe there are houses in America without internet. All I had was a cell hotspot. The cable, phone, and such said our town did not have the density. So our neighborhood is part of a pilot that the city is bringing the infrastructure and will contract out the supply. Just like they do with gas and trash. So my bill will have a line item for water, sewer, gas, trash, and internet.