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@lawrence_jeff Thanks. Bottom line on the sonic sensors. After a bit of testing, 2 can share the same trigger. I think even though the transmitters are firing at the same time, if they are close they act as one transmitter. I found angling a hard surface played with the readings more than how close they were. The thing I could not get to work is wiring a 4 pin HC-SR04 like a 3 pin sharing the trigger and echo such as In hindsight not sure how that would work, would not the echo single trigger the “trigger”?
Anyway, I am now trying to dig into how you are using JP2 (3,4,6) / Options (23,24). I also bought a mag switch. I wonder about using it for door open and the two distance for cars preference. That way the home automations can make better decisions.
Some of my parts are starting to roll in now, still missing some. Thats ok, it will take my some time to digest the code.