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Yes, IMHO the ifft integration is really only good for notifications which is an outbound request. It would involve another service but if you can use IFFT to trigger Blynk it would remove the inbound need; Blynk is fairly easy and you can query and open/close via a Blynk public URL that is then routed to the device (without port forwarding)

Also if you want to do a lot of workflow like this you might look at node-red, you can build flows that evaluate your time conditions, send the text and trigger the door – you can also tie in with Alexa .. you can run it all on your network on pretty much any device (I use a pi zero) I use it for similar things where I alert if the door is ever opened when neither mine or my wife’s phone is present on the home network. (The close after 10 is baked into my fork of the firmware)

Sounds like you have a good setup so probably aware of all this just thought I would mention alternative options