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My last couple of post have disappeared. I did get my HC-SR04 working. Then I did get it working with OG. Then I downloaded

that @lawrence_jeff posted above. Got it working.

Before I go to my next step, I want to mention that this project is not only teaching me ESP2866, how to compile, but also Github and pull request. It’s like going from 0 to 100 in 6 sec. Thanks in advance for the instruction.

So our building has 3 SSID (Red, Blue, White). The Red is WPA Enterprise, which by the way is what my HA is connected to. So what will it take to connect to WPA Enterprise. I did find this thread for a feature request here

. First question is it possible? If yes then what would it take to implement it into OG. Lets answer the first question, it could make everything else moot.
After some searching I think the answer is yes. Since this thread was about compiling errors and where to put the OpenGarage.h, I going to use the WPA2 Enterprise thread for the first question. Then start a new thread on what it takes to implement a feature into OG.