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I would recommend starting with my fork

I will do that.
I had to put a lot of debug for me. My board is only a meg flash. So now I learned about flash memory and SPIFS. 🙂

Right now I am waiting for my parts. I did have a dev board that had buzzer, led’s, relay, … But of course they are not pin the same. I did have some HC-SR04 that I bought laying around. I had someday envision using them for car sensing. Right now my Home Automation (HA) is Almond+. I am looking to switch to Home Assistant (HASS).
HASS uses openzwave (OZW) for it’s zwave. OZW has a bug with barrier. That is when I found OpenGarage (OG).

So, I have reassign the pin’s to fit my dev board.Everything works except for the HC-SR04. I cut the distance code out of OG and created a hello world .ino sketch. I may have a bad HC-SR04, it never toggles the echo line. I wish I had a scope :-). Anyway I had to put it away for today and get to my day job. Probably be Monday before I can look at it again. I need to google some on the HC-SR04 and make sure I am hooking it up right.

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