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Yes -mentioned above the graphics wouldn’t work unless you use the arduino env to upload the Spiffs file that includes them (this is separate from the code bin). I haven’t tested using another tool but it looks like what it does is upload a second bin to address 00300000. I have uploaded it to the bin folder in my repository you can give it a shot if so inclined, the ESPtool or equivalent should take it with the address and create a new filesystem with the graphic files included. IMPORTANT NOTE: this will erase any existing configuration files so the device will be reset to a factory default and you will have to go through the process again to enter your SSID and all application tokens/config settings.

My choice of graphics was a green closed door when shut and red open door when opened. To me this represented the security of the door but I noticed the official mobile app uses the opposite convention in the logs (green indicates opening and red indicates closing).

In terms of home assistant or other automation software, its not out there in the repo yet but I have tweaked the API code to allow you to submit a close or open request where it will only act if applicable (i.e. it won’t open if already open) in the existing code you send a click and have to hope that the current represented state is correct – this may be useful as it simplifies what an external system needs to do. I haven’t added this logic into the MQTT piece but plan to soon.