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Sorry I didn’t get an alert for some reason on your post so just saw it a bit ago.
If I understand you correctly, prior to my firmware if you had the Notify or close option selected in the Close door after being open for X minutes section you would also get a Blynk notification each time the door opened and closed (independent of whether it met the criteria for open after X minutes)? Is this correct?

I had changed this code a bit because it seemed two unrelated things somewhat co-mingled and I had intended to add a checkbox that allowed you to specify Blynk open and close notifications that was separate from the notify if the door has been open option. I have added that code back in for backwards compatibility and uploaded a compiled binary with that change. Like the original 1.0.6 it does require that you have one of the two options selected under the Close door after X minutes section (the time doesn’t matter)

Be aware that this change is merged in with a number of others so you get some other new things that may or may not be wanted. I don’t forsee any issues with anything else but you never know. This version adds a status graphic to the home page which is only going to work if you do a full upload via arduino so if you just upload the bin it will display a dead picture link if you hit the main page (doesn’t really hurt anything).

Of course just putting the stock 1.0.4 or 1.0.6 back on should fix it as well.