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Ok, as I asked Ray by email I would like to give the answers here for reference:

My requirements are:

  1. Open/Close shutter at given times<br />
    OpenGarage doesn’t do time-based action yet (the only automation it does is to trigger closing the door if it’s left open for more than xxx minutes). It’s certainly possible to modify the firmware to do time-based action, but it’s not something that most users need.
  2. Sense mower in garage and close door (by using the ultrasonic sensor)<br />
    Yes, this can be done using the built-in ultrasonic sensor on OpenGarage
  3. Sense mower wanna leave (by ultrasonic sensor)<br />
    no answer, yet
  4. Network interface (status/open/close)<br />
    works of course

I also checked OpenSprinkler Bee 2.0 but it lacks a port which could be used to sense incoming/leaving mower with a simple snap-action switch.

OpenSprinkler could possibly used but is a little overkill and expensive for the task.

So if someone with the programming skills would add this to OpenGarage it would extend the usage to folks with robot mowers and mower garages with automated shutters.
And make me happy, of course 🙂