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Would love any code you have as a starting point and would share back what I make. I have an audio notification that announces the garage door as opened and MQTT would align with the ESP8266/nrlf24l01 sensor network in the greater house.

Also – as the device is overhead i use the distance as a triple state – distance to garage door = open, distance to car roof = closed and dads car is home, distance to floor is closed and dads car is gone. Had to move the sensor to be directly over the flat part of my Suburban as over my wifes MDX the reflection would cause the readings to be all over the place.
Garageio appears to be similar to this product but using a laser mounted to the bottom of the garage door opener. I am ordering a PIR sensor and using it with an 8266 to see if I can sense when a car is approaching the garage and alert that someone has arrived (we have no windows to see our driveway)

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