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I am in Sydney Australia and bought the kit in Nov 2016, and it worked first time and with Blynk until today and Blynk started to ask for subs for their new App and also told me their old iOS app will be not supported by 31st dec 2022 (cloud servers gone).
I had old opengarage OS sine it worked but yesterday I updated to 1.2.0 and it went smoothly and I can see the new SSID and after that it got locked to my home wifi.
I started watching Ray’s youtube instructions and went after getting a cloud key for OTC rather than Blynk since I am happy to pay upfront but not subs.
After OTC cloud key, it locked into their cloud servers after about 2 mints and I have tested the App remotely with out wifi and it works.
All we need is update the existing iOS APP and also getting old apple watch app that used to work nicely. Happy to contribute if needed and as a retired R&D director that used to run 2000 people division, always nice to see Ray is doing good public work.
I like to ask Ray, is it possible to connect new door sensors to the old one I have?