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I’ve uploaded the BETA version to my OG, through the web-interface. The upgrade went through nicely.
I thought I would be able to configure without the factory reset, but it seemed locked somewhere, so I went ahead and did the factory reset, and configured my home-network.

I’m glad with the forward construction, since it allows nice access to my door. I’ve replaced the app on my phone with a short-link on my homescreen (I’ve done this on android,my wife on apple (using safari browser)). Using the short-cut from home gives quick and easy access to the door which is great.

I hope you can put some detection/protection in place (if not already there) to detect malicious systems guessing or trying out many different device-ids to get access to random ones.
I used the blink notifications to get triggers when the garage opens or stays open for long time. I’ve replaced them with the ifttt construction, which works nicely as well.

Great job to get this going!