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I am having some unusual behavior with MQTT and OpenGarage. I am using home assistant, and it works fine. Currently, I am using the OpenGarage component where it polls every 10 seconds, which is less than ideal.

When I add the IP for my MQTT server, OpenGarage goes “crazy”.

What I mean by crazy, is that the web polling portion ceases to function, and my ability to control it through home assistant vanishes, and it appears offline. Furthermore it forgets all of its settings, and comes back “blank”. It then functions intermittently until I hard reset it and go through the adoption process again.

I would assume this is a one off, but I have 3 of these devices, and I have a large number of devices using MQTT today without issue.

Currently, this is on firmware 1.0.9, so my next step is upgrading.

Has anyone got MQTT working with these and the Home Assistant control portion? (Works just fine as long as I don’t try to enable MQTT)