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lol, I think you forgot to reply in all caps….

I missed where Ray mentioned the connection check and a subsequent reboot, but it sounds like we’re describing the same watchdog behavior. In the nano and other network equipment I’ll have it ping the next hop forward and reboot after X failures/timeframe. (and/or do wan failover) It’s certainly a good option to have, no argument there.

As for unifi, I’m simply mentioning it as having their AP’s is common if you have other ubiquiti gear… I’m not necessarily suggesting you buy more, though having others attempt to replicate the behavior would be helpful. My interest is to not have OG or opensprinkler start dropping on me either regardless of the root cause. Like you said, there’s nothing to guarantee similar behavior wouldn’t occur in other equipment that inadvertently affects OG.

I’m also curious if anything else changed recently since you said it has been fine for 11 months. I mean, even if this ping-based watchdog is added and works perfectly, we’re not solving the real problem. (though periodic reboots is better than being offline 😀 )

I have noticed the Blynk app reporting various times the board has been online which changes throughout the day. My immediate concern is that it was dropping, but can’t find any evidence yet. Maybe this is simply an indicator it’s still alive.

As a test I’ve been pinging my OG and OSPr on and off for 10-30 minutes at a time. (1 ping per second, size=1472 over the last few hours) So far they haven’t gone offline and I’m seeing the normal http traffic to blynk as well every 5-10 seconds. I really expected them to fall over based on Ray’s indication of the software-based network stack for that chip. (in other threads) For now I’ve also enabled unifi client statistics and will see if anything jumps out in there or the event logs. This tracks signal, packets, tx attempts, etc…

At this point I only have 3 devices in this IoT VLAN without any special client isolation or broadcast settings. Just basic firewall rules to keep this traffic isolated.

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