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idxman01, there is already a watchdog feature in the OG which checks WiFi.status. My point is that there are cases where it fails to detect the lack of connection. Whether my case is unusual is not the point. As I pointed out in a post above, if there is one such case, who knows what other cases may not have been found or overlooked. I am proposing an optional feature which I have boiled down to a fairly simple change that has no impact if not used.

I have an EdgeRouter Lite and as backup an EdgeRouter X. I am quite familiar with Ubiquity’s routers though I have not used their APs and am one of the top 40 solution providers on their forums (different username there). My ASUS works just fine and does what I want. I am not going to buy new hardware which would at best fix the single case I have identified but would do nothing for any other case that disconnects but is not detected.

No, I do not change SSIDs often but again what I am after is a more robust way to ensure auto reconnection.