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First, I would like to emphasize that the ping test would be optional contingent on a user supplied IP address. If no such address is supplied, there is no change to the current behavior.

Before, I suggested an optional interval setting but I no longer think this is necessary. I would set the ping IP address to the IP address of my router in the same subnet as the OG. I tested the speed of this from my desktop and a successful ping takes 2 ms (ping -c 1 -W 1000 Other environments will differ but choosing a local ip in the subnet should be quite fast.

I would suggest putting the test right after line 1448 WiFi.status test. If the WiFi.status test fails then the code branches and the ping test is not considered. If WiFi.status succeeds, then the ping test is only done if an ip address for it has been provided. If it succeeds, then the code proceeds as before. If it fails, then it can wait and try again just like WiFi.status failure. There would need to be a way to mark which kind of failure occurred and which to retest. A second failure would again cause a reboot.

I do not think the ping test ever needs to be done during boot. This is to catch conditions during normal running where connectivity has been lost but not detected by WiFi.status. And I do not understand why this happens in my case but it clearly does. There have been a few other times (no more than 5 and maybe less) over the 11 months or so I have had the OG where I have found it non-responsive but I cannot remember the circumstances and some or all may have been on older firmware. But on v1.1.0 I can reliably reproduce the problem I have described. If there is one such case, who is to say there are not other as yet unidentified scenarios? And it is bad if you are away from home, want to check the OG, and find it non-responsive. I think this approach can improve such cases making the OG more robust.

There might be a bit of an issue if the user puts in a bad IP address choice and not have much time after a reboot to correct it. But I am not sure this is any worse than if the user puts in bad static Device IP, Gateway IP, subnet, or DNS. In such a case the user would need to reset to defaults and start over.

I understand your reluctance when you cannot generate a test case. But you could simulate the ping failing by having the OG ping another host on your network and then taking that host down for a desired amount of time. This way you could verify the code. If you made such a test firmware that passed such a test properly and you believed would not brick my OG, I would be willing to give it a try in my situation and give you feedback.

I understand this takes effort on your part for a case you have never seen so it might seem not to be worth it. I do believe it would be a good addition to make things more robust and should fix the problem I know I have. It is certainly your choice. I just hope I have made a compelling case.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this.