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On the test, yes I accidentally copied the code 10 lines up (line 1438) from where I meant (line 1448). The line I meant just tests the status and not the localIP.

Your test case is clearly detected and the code recovers appropriately.

But my case is a clear example, I think, that there are cases where connectivity is lost and it is not detected. I did not see any evidence of reboot yet in every case, a power cycle regains connectivity immediately suggesting that the AP is fine at that time. And I have waited as much as 10 minutes without regaining connectivity.

This is why I think an optional ping test is a more reliable test. If the user provides a ping IP address, then ping it with timeout every interval number of seconds where that can be user specified as well but defaults to something reasonable say between 60 and 300 seconds. Doing a ping test with 1 second wait every 60 seconds should not compromise other functionality.

What do you think about this idea? It is really unfortunate when you are away from home and find you have lost connectivity.

I appreciate your excellent customer service and being so responsive.