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I understand that logic for connection testing. But there is still a failure.

I used my phone to reboot the OG and watched while it rebooted. I saw the blue LED flash quickly a number of times and then settle into one blink every 5 seconds. I did not hear any sounds – I thought I should. Anyway, this was a way I could identify the reboot by the quick flashes. And here I still had WiFi access to the OG once rebooted.

Next I enabled one of my disabled guest SSIDs which reconfigures the ASUS AP and causes a loss of connection with the OG. I continuously watched the OG for more than 2 minutes looking for the quick flashes indicating reboot. I did not see this. It continued to flash once every 5 seconds. I could not get the OG web page. I power cycled the OG, saw the quick LED boot flashes and then connectivity was restored. I tried this several times.

So it would appear to me that the OG test “if(WiFi.status() == WL_CONNECTED && WiFi.localIP())” may be failing to detect the disconnected status.

Have you tried disabling your WiFi AP while the OG is up and running and accessible to see if the disconnection is in fact detected and causing reboot? And if once the AP is restored the OG connects again?

Maybe there should be a ping with timeout test periodically to make sure there is actual connectivity, say every 60 or 120 seconds. This could even be optional with a user provided ip address to ping and possibly a user provided interval.