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The LCD widget has been removed since it was only used to display IP address and wasn’t that useful otherwise. The current firmware implements a tone-based method for finding IP address: press and hold the on-board button (using a small screwdriver or something that’s thin enough to pass through the enclosure hole) for 4 seconds and release, it will sing tones to indicate the IP address. This is explained in the user manual.

There are some other ways to find IP address as well: you can go to your router’s configuration page to see the list of connected devices, and it should be fairly easy to identify which one is OpenGarage (it may be named ESP_xxxxxx). There is also another (arguably easier) way: the firmware enabled mDNS:
which is a broadcast based DNS service. If you know your OpenGarage’s AP name (the first time you plug it in or after factory reset), say, if it’s OG_123456, then after it’s connected to your WiFi network you can access it directly using:
This may or may not work depending on whether your router supports mDNS.